Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Friday!

Today was my last day of work before my maternity leave! It was a busy day as I was wrapping up many things and sorting through electronic files. I decided to head to Aldi for my lunch break to get some much needed groceries. We passed a garage sale on our way and Ethan bought this costume. He feels very strong when wearing it. When we were at Aldi I just wanted the kids to behave like adults and to stay focused on grocery shopping. Of course they did not and I didn't feel patient. Thankfully Ellia took a LONG nap this afternoon and Ethan occupied himself nicely during quiet time.

Ethan is about to lose a top tooth. His tooth is very crooked and looks like he already lost a tooth. I can't believe he's big enough to lose teeth.

Ellia insists that she has a loose tooth as well and she was trying to show me hers.

Ellia woke up happy with nappy hair:)

With feeling some better and wrapping up my work, I was feeling quite ambitious tonight. I made beef ribs for dinner and this yummy raw salad. I made a pesto/balsamic vinegar/olive oil dressing.

I also layered strawberries and whipped cream as a fun summer treat. Ethan ate his dinner like a champ in anticipation of the dessert. When he saw them sitting on the counter he said, "Mom, that is so sweet that you made those for us."

I wore myself out today. I need to learn to not overdo it when I start feeling a little better. We plan to close the evening by sitting outside by a little fire and the kids will make smores........that is if I stay awake to do that. I store our smore supplies in glass dishes to keep them fresh and avoid open bags of graham crackers and marshmallows spilling all over my pantry.

I made this necklace as I sat in bed last night. I took apart three free necklaces I got to make it. It will lay better when it's not on the big belly and the trashy, stained tank top:)

We still haven't decided on baby names. Ryan says that's our project for the weekend. I say, "Really, what's the rush?" Actually, that's not what I say.

AHHHH...I'm so happy the weekend is here!


Naenay1012 said...

Enjoy your leave!

Lesliedpb said...

I love the costume on your beautiful, I mean STRONG, boy! Alex also thinks he has loose teeth when his older siblings really do. So cute!! I hope you are feeling better.