Thursday, June 4, 2009

Birthday Girl

This morning after I made beds I found Ellia in the bathroom playing on the floor. She had my 10 pound arm weights on washcloths and then had each one covered up with a washcloth. She was singing twinkle, twinkle to them. I asked her what she was doing and she said "Taking care of these heavy babies." Watching her try to gently carry her 10 pound baby was funny and slightly dangerous. Give the girl a toothpick and she'll turn it into a cute animal or baby in minutes:) Give it to Ethan and it will be a gun or sword.

Ellia has been singing to the baby quite a bit. The baby kicked her in the chin shortly after this picture:)

Ellia turned three on Saturday and it is so hard to believe. I know every parent feels this way as we watch our babies get big so fast. Both Ryan and I felt sentimental as we talked to her about her entrance into the world. We write the kids a birthday letter each year andRyan's made me cry. Him and Ellia have a special relationship and she is the apple of his eye. The look she gets on her face when she talks to him on the phone is a girl in love! We celebrated with family and it was fun to see the cousins run and play. We bought her a kitchen for her gift.

I put out my traditional blanket, balloons, and gifts on the living room floor for when she woke up. Ellia had two presents to open. One was a baby from Ethan and one was a bunch of empty food boxes and bottles that I'd collected for to use with her kitchen. She was thrilled over the baby but had the strangest look on her face when looking at the empty containers. Ryan told her that they would be fun to play with in her kitchen.

She looked up at him and bewilderly said, "I don't have a kitchen." We then had her walk in the dining room where she unveiled her new kitchen. She's been making eggs, cakes, and tea ever since. She also pretends it has a garbage disposal. She takes the sink out and shoves wadded up napkins down it while making a loud noise. I need to have a chat about never putting anything down the real one.....especially paper products:)

The party was fun. My camera was on the wrong setting the whole time and I was a bit too busy to take many pics. Each cousin got a bag of little goodies. The ring pops were a hit. Ellia was a crazy woman when opening presents. She just went from one to the next ripping gifts out of bags. I had to slow her down. We went through the presents later in the evening and it was as if it was the first time she saw them.

I bought this wooden plane for 90 cents at a thrift store a while ago. I painted it red and Ry hung it from Ethan's ceiling.

We've had house showings this week. Although I'm thankful, it's exhausting! I'm tired. Ryan's work has been very busy which means he's gone late nights or gone overnight. My body is getting weary of the pace I've been going.

I've also eaten many non raw things in the past week and it's not making my body feel so swell. Time to refocus!


The Boy said...

So cute! Did you make the teapot on the stove? Adorable?

Haybee Baby said...

Nope! It was from Pottery Barn Clearance.

Heather said...

I LOVE that little kitchen. Is it from Pottery Barn too?

I keep checking to see if baby Crecco has arrived. :) If you can hold out the 8th is our anniversary and the 11th is my bday.

Haybee Baby said...

Heather, I purchased the kitchen on line. The brand is Kid Kraft.
No baby Crecco yet. I still feel like it will be a couple weeks!