Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tea Partying

I'm one tired mama but it was a productive and good day! I went to a Mother's Day Tea Party at Ethan's school for an hour. It was cute. My mom came too.

Ethan wore his spiderman tie to school today. I can thank my good friend for this white trash gift:) The kids made us a nice scrapbook page with their photo, hand print, and quotes on it.

The kids pulled our chairs out for us, served us our food, napkins, and silverware.

Ellia enjoyed my cake and the entire social event!

Ethan told me this evening that he wants to start eating more spinach to get strong. He said he thought if he lifted arm weights he would build bigger muscles. I found him a little while later doing reps with little weights. He said he wanted to surprise Ryan with his big muscles when they wrestled. He was excited to test them out the minute Ryan pulled in the driveway.

I woke Ellia up from her nap, carried her to the car, and then into the YMCA down the stairs for Ethan's swimming lessons. Only to find out he didn't have swimming. AHHH! By the time I got to the van I was having some decent Braxton Hicks from carrying this 30lb sweetness. I'm losing my head, I'm certain.

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