Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's the little things that warm my heart

Ethan took this picture of me when I came in from working in my flower garden. I about died when I saw it. Now granted, I do look in the mirror daily but seeing my widened nose and puffy lip in a picture is a different story. So, have a laugh! Soon, my nose will be swollen out to my cheek bones. What a strange thing! Not my favorite picture but I'll be sure to save one for the baby book! This is not a little thing that warms my heart!

Ryan needed to work Monday which meant I had to be quite organized about activities for the kids while I worked. When they came down on Monday morning I had a bunch of homemade play dough containers on a table cloth with cookie cutters and rolling pins. I had paint pens and paper. These Elmer's Paint Pens are amazing! The prevent a huge paint mess! I found them for 50% off at CVS which means they are probably discontinuing them but I will find a way to fill them back up with paint to reuse and reuse! I also had sticker activity books out for them. They painted, playdoughed, and stickered for hours. They thoroughly enjoyed these normal activities but it was extra fun for them to be all out and organized for them. It made for a good Monday!

Ethan was quite excited about mixing primary colors!

I had also packed lunches on Sunday night so that we could have a picnic lunch in the playhouse. The prego mom and kids had a great time! Ethan set it all up for us to enjoy.

Here is Ellia with a worm. She holds them like they are cute little kittens. She wasn't crazy about the dirt all over them but she quickly got over it.

Ethan has not played with this toy in a long time and I was thinking it might be time to get rid of it. He found a screw driver and took all the screws out as I was on an afternoon call. He calls himself a worker guy like Ryan. I still have a pile of screws to put back but he enjoyed himself!

I took some pictures of Ellia for her 3 year old birthday invitation. She was sick over the weekend and still had puffy eyes and a red upper lip but she was so cute. I could get her to smile by talking about any animal or babies. Many of the words she says are so cute and we want her to repeat them all the time.
This list goes on but those are a few I heard today.

I told Ellia we could buy chapstick for the cousins that come to her birthday party. She is so excited! She loves to talk with old men when we go places and she was telling a very sick man at the hospital about the chapstick. He had no clue what she was talking about so I explained. He got so excited for her and she could have jumped in his lap in response:) We then went in for my ultrasound and she kept saying she wanted to get the man some chapstick. I love that the little things are so very important and special. This evening Ellia was crying her eyes out in devastation and it was because she jammed her chapstick up in the cap. I dug it all out and then rerounded the top of the chapstick to make it look new. She wiped her tears away and said, "Mom, I love you so much."


The Boy said...

Whatever, you are beautiful! I love the picture of you! And how cute are the kids! I can't believe that E is three already! Miss you much!

joyfulschrammfam said...

So MY first thought was, "Wow, Haylee looks fabulous!" I don't know that I would even notice your nose, and your lips are luscious. Goofball. :)

Mia said...

that last picture of Ellia looks so much like you.....amazing! I thought, Haylee looks GREAT, a beautiful mommy to be times 3...!