Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tornado Central

What a day! I thought today would be a low key work day. Wow, was I wrong. It was a whirlwind and my house is proof. It looks like a tornado came right through........named Ethan and Ellia. Ethan kept himself busy all morning making a card for each student in his preschool class. There were stickers, paper, and envelopes all over the place but he had a blast. This was a good handwriting practice session but I just loved seeing that he wanted to do something special for them. I have a bunch of "teacher" pencils so he was excited to give each student one.

Ellia played with a tea set and water for a long time. She was soaked along with the table, chairs, rug, and the 52 dish towels she got out to clean it up:) She also styled her hair with hand lotion. I had Ethan wake Ellia up from her nap at 5:30pm. She wears a diaper when she sleeps and it had a major leak in the side and all the gel junk was falling out with every step. Let me say this was right before swimming so the pool of gel sat at my house while we went to the swimming pool. When we got home from swimming Ellia wanted to play outside and she totally just peed her pants as she stood in the yard. She didn't feel like coming in. She's been known to pull her pants down and pretend she has the male anatomy to conveniently urinate from, but not this time. She just stood still and let it come out through her clothes. Thankfully the whirlwind makers did a nice job of cleaning up the debris and I cleaned up all the potty messes. They are all quiet in bed storing up energy for more tornadoing tomorrow:) I'm up working late trying to get a head start on a busy May.

I was the kitchen tornado today as I quickly made a couple things at lunch but didn't have a chance to clean it up. Some friends have asked what I've been eating lately. I've been eating rather simple foods. Salads, guacamole, raw fruit, nuts, and veggies. I decided I needed to spice it up a bit this week with some "recipes."

I made a pate for lunch which hit the spot for me. It reminds you of tuna salad a little.........of course with no tuna or mayo...:) My dehydrator has been going since early this morning with tortilla chips and parmesan cheese. Tomorrow night is fajita night for my family so I wanted some mexican myself. I also made a Ceaser dressing that is really good and I wanted the parm cheese to go along with that.
Off to bed because I administer more testing to students tomorrow and I need energy for my own little tornadoes too:)


Tsquared417 said...

Yeah, testing is almost over! :)

joyfulschrammfam said...

The cake stands. I'm coveting the cake stands. :)