Friday, April 10, 2009

Jadite and Trash=FUN!

Today was a busy and draining work day! During lunch we received three boxes on our porch that were quite the highlight for us all! I was so excited to find beautiful hobnail green jadite cake plates and goblets in them. Ryan ordered these on ebay back in December for my January birthday and there were some problems with them when they arrived. The new ones finally came today and each item is beautiful! Ethan was beyond overjoyed with the boxes and packaging materials! While I was on calls this afternoon and Ellia napped, he had a complete hayday in the living room. He made tunnels out of the boxes and make a bubble mountain.

This is what the living room looked like when I got off the phone at 5:20pm.

Tornado!!......remnants of complete fun and freedom!

After cleaning up the packaging I had Ethan sweep the rug. Ellia was devastated because she wanted to do it. I encouraged her to use her toy sweeper out to help. I will remind them someday about how they used to fight over who could run the vacuum:)

I enjoyed setting my table with my new jadite! I love jadite and I don't get sick of it. Dishes in general are very fun to me but I love the beauty and versatility of these. I purchased the tablecloth when we were newly married at a local thrift store for 99 cents. I still love it like I bought it yesterday!

Our jadite collection started at bridal showers 8 years ago. I have old and new pieces. I have open cabinets in my kitchen so I get to see them everyday!

I use my dishes in these cabinets daily so it is very nice for them to be easily accessible.

Thanks Ryan for a very fun birthday gift and an afternoon of fun and messes for the kids!

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Xenia Shoe and Leather said...

a cabinet of dishes never looked so good.