Friday, April 17, 2009

Sunshine in my soul!

The sunshine morning woke me up early over the weekend and I've had sunshine in my soul ever since! Ryan and I worked on home organization and sprucing up the yard this weekend. The kids played and played in the beautiful weather! I loved that they were filthy dirty and reeked of sweat! There is such freedom in being outside from morning until night!

We hit a couple of garage sales Saturday. I found some beautiful, old pillow cases for $1-$2 a set which is a great deal. I love old pillow cases not only for their beautiful tatting and embroidery but because they are so soft! Ellia gets excited when I put old ones on her pillows:)

I also found this cute Gymboree backpack for Ellia for $1. She'd asked for one awhile ago for her pretend camping adventures. It will be nice to pack her books and toys in for car trips.

I have this major urge to paint anything in sight but not the full energy level to back up that desire. I told Ryan I would love to paint the lower half of our dining room walls and I came home from a long day out of the office and Ryan had painted it! What a fun surprise!

He also took the kids to some fun places today including the dollar store and the pet store. He even took them to the antique store. He is brave! Softy daddy even bought them each a gum ball from a machine which they are excitedly showing in the pictures:) They had a great day together! Ellia cried and cried when I left this morning. I think she thought I was going to California again. Poor thing! I'm glad she was with Ryan today! I adore my family!

We listed our home with the realtor this weekend. Here's the listing! will probably sell fast and we'll need to move the week the baby is due:)

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Naenay1012 said...

Good luck with your house.