Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Break has been an absolute joy and wonderful opportunity to step back from the busy pace of life and just enjoy family and friends. Ethan and I made parachutes for his army guys out of plastic bags. He played outside for an hour and a half watching them fly through the air. Today I looked out the window while I did dishes and saw Ethan with a "parachute" on his back. I seriously thought he was going to jump from the top of the swing set and break some bones. When I quickly and kindly reminded him it wasn't a good idea he explained he was just pretending and he really wished he could fly. He talks about his desire to fly often. Soon he'll be jumping off bridges and bungee jumping so I will let him wear a plastic bag on his back as long as he wants!
We enjoyed a family night of Chinese food in the living room and then we enjoyed a movie together. Ethan and Ellia set the rule that we could only eat with chopsticks and they actually did well. When I told Ethan we were going to have a Chinese Family Night he said " I have no clue what Chinese night is but I'm excited." :) enjoyed a great meal and a lot of laughter together. Ryan and I both fell asleep during the movie but the kids enjoyed it! It's a sign we are getting old:)....actually I've fallen alseep during movies my whole life.
We had an Easter family gathering this weekend and the kids enjoyed an egg hunt. They came home with so much candy that it could last us a couple years or maybe I'll just regive it in eggs next year:)

The next three months with my job are extremely busy and that will take me up to having our third child. I can't wait to see this baby eye to eye and carry him or her in the sling as we share life together. I was able to hold a few babies this weekend and it made me so excited! I had about 15 doctor appointments this weekend with Dr. Ethan and Dr. Ellia. They take my blood pressure, listen to my heart, and my belly. In this picture Ellia had just undergone leg surgery and Ethan was checking her heart following surgery. For one of my appointments Dr. Ellia gave me foot rubs. I think I'll suggest that to my nurse during my next appointment.

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Tsquared417 said...

I can't believe our break is over! It went so fast. I'm glad you enjoyed yours too!