Thursday, April 2, 2009


Today the kids and I went to the thrift store, Trader Joes, and Whole Foods. It was a nice trip and they did great! We ate a picnic lunch and then came home and went to the park. Then Ethan and I made some slime with glue, water, borax, and food coloring. It was a fun and exhausting day!

Ok, so about the slime. I might just need to start wearing diapers because the kids just nearly make me wet myself daily. I held up this piece of slime and Ethan said it looked like the pictures after my cleanse last year. He was so right only it's a different color. To those of you who were lucky enough to see the pictures of the junk that came out me after doing my colon cleanse you might be gagging right now. I must admit it was slightly difficult to play with the yellow slime after such a comment. In fact Ethan was completely grossed out by the texture of the entire slime experience. I still have the cleanse pictures on my phone and I'm not ashamed to show just ask:)

Ethan picked every blooming daffodil from our yard for Ellia and was SO excited to give them. He loves daffodils and can't stand for them to stay outside. I also enjoy fresh cut flowers inside but I was thrilled to see their happy yellow smiles in my yard. He was proud of his gesture though.

I enjoyed two yummy treats while in California. First, I went to Rawvolution. This is a raw food cafe started by Matt Amsden. I have his cookbook so that was really neat. It was fun to order something I'd not made before and the fact that I didn't have to make it was great! I then went to Pinkberry which was not raw but it was yummy! I ordered pomegranate frozen yogurt with strawberries and almonds on it. Yum!

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