Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm crabby!

This week has been quite rainy and I've felt cooped up. I'm hoping for sunshine! I've been rather crabby and raising my voice much more than I'd like to be with the kids. I've needed to step back and gain perspective more times than I can count this week. Also, the kids have been bickering way more than normal this week and I blame it on the Easter candy sugar. I bagged it all up and plan on giving it away. The rainy evenings have allowed me to nest a bit and that feels good. What I really need is some deep spring cleaning and I haven't gotten the motivation for that yet.

I enjoyed a nice lunch break today with my kids. I bought them some goat milk yogurt and I made them parfaits with fresh fruit and some homemade granola. That was a fun treat for them to go along with their homeade chicken nuggets that Ellia was showing me in her mouth. I made a raw Ceaser dressing that really wasn't that great but with all the salad toppings it turned out nice. I used my raw parmesean cheese, avacado, red onion, and tomato. Yummy! Then I enjoyed a small scoop of raw ice cream and half a banana for dessert.

I've transitioned to storing all food in BPA free glass. I store my homeade salad dressings in these little jars from Kmart.

I asked for glass containers for Christmas one year and then I've bought some when they go 40% off at Kmart. I like the green lids:) I store all of the lids in a container to keep some sense of order to my cabinet although I have a long way to go toward consistently keeping it organized.

Ethan and I just played a game of Rhyming Memory by Eeboo. This is one of the games I found for 45 cents at the thrift store.

I like it because the illustrations are simple and cute. We also have the Opposites and Animal Baby games as well.

I love Ethan's heart. He is very competitive but he tries so hard to be a good sport. He was truly winning the entire game until the end and I won. He told me he felt like calling me names but he didn't think that was how he should handle it:)

This week we were reading a Bible story before bed and in relating with the story I askedEthan if he ever remembered a time when he was separated from Ryan and I. He couldn't recall a time so I proceeded to tell him a time when we lost him in a store. He'd been playing under the clothing rack beside us as we talked with a friend and suddenly he was gone. We were so scared and as I shared the story his chin quivered a bit and his eyes filled with tears. He kept asking questions about that time yet it made him so sad to hear. He couldn't understand why he would have gone away from us. We explained that he was just 2 years old and he didn't purposely run away from us. He has a tender heart and I treasure that. During this sweet conversation Ellia was trying to be silly and hit him on the head with a book:) She is tender hearted as well but she's a silly nilly! Even on the rainy and crabby days when I yell I'm amazed by them. I feel humbled and inadequate to be their mom.


Kim Amstutz said...

oh haylee, i love your blog! i too have been overly cranky- we have the nasty rain, overcast skies, plus the Easter candy, plus lack of sleep due to too much fun having my parents here this weekend AND we are all coming down with colds! UGH! your blog is an encouragment to me!
also, i think our kids are clones of each other. my ryan is EXACTLY the same as ethan- competitive and such a tender heart. and the girls seem to be the same too!
miss you friend!

The Boy said...

thanks for sharing this story! I was beginning to wonder if you were super human!! :) Love you and miss you!

Tsquared417 said...

I have been super crabby this week too. Maybe we're dreading testing?? :) The sunny weather will help I hope!