Monday, April 27, 2009

Are you listening to me?

Ellia and I walked to the post office last week during my lunch break. I pushed her in a stroller while she drew pictures on a new kitten notebook that her cousin sent her. She did much jabbering on this journey. There was quite a bit of construction going on downtown and above the noise I'd hear, "ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?" It made me laugh because she sounded just like me when I say that to them. That's always humbling to hear.

We enjoyed a nice weekend with Ryan's family. Ethan adores his cousin and they had a great time together. They held hands during church and are close buds:)

Ethan enjoyed climbing trees and working ever so hard not to step down on Grandma's pretty flowers when he got down.

They all had fun driving the cousin's car. I could just picture 10 years from now when they'll drive a real car. We'll look back on these pictures with such fond memories. I know time will go so fast but I'm going to try my best to soak up these times now!

They were worn out from playing so hard. This is Ellia with her head into the pillow. She was crabby and exhausted this weekend! This is another busy work week for me and I'll look forward to getting back into the normal routine. The kids will benefit from that too!

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Tsquared417 said...

I hope you're hanging in there during testing. It's a rough couple of weeks for us and the kids!!