Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend fun and White Trash Shirt

I love fresh flowers! I enjoy them when Ryan buys them for me. Even buying them myself doesn't bother me one bit! I love to find them on sale at Aldi. You can buy a dozen roses for $8.00 there. I recently found them for half off of that. Most of all, I enjoy picking them from outside and I get excited just thinking about the spring flowers peeking through the ground.

Last week when the animals were at Ethan's school there was a little boy that wore a Spiderman tank top. Ethan couldn't believe he wore it in that cold weather but sure enough this is what Ethan wore yesterday when it was a whopping 19 degrees out. We can thank Ganny for the "white trash" shirts that she picks up at garage sales. Ethan LOVES them and that is fun to see:)

This weekend I was able to go thrifting with a friend. We went to my favorite thrift store and we found wonderful items! It was so fun to spend 90 cents on a pair of GAP pants or Gymboree shirt that I know I'll still be able to get money out of when they are done with them. Both kids needed spring and summer clothing and I was able to find many great items! What a blessing to find such deals. I also hit Gabriel Brothers where I found amazing deals! The below skirt and pantaloons were purchased for $3.99. I saw the skirt for $32.00 online:) I found other adorable things but this was the one she put on and played in all last evening so I snapped a shot. She's twirling:) Such a picture of their personalities. Ethan with his muscles and fighter face. Ellia with her pretty pink and twirling. They are so fun!

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The Boy said...

How spring and lovely! I adore the vintage glass holding all of the flowers. Miss you all so much!