Saturday, March 21, 2009

Unmotivated. For some reason this is how I felt this weekend. I just didn't feel like cleaning the house one more time, I didn't feel like doing dishes one more time, I didn't feel like folding one more load of laundry, I didn't feel like being responsible.
Life is full of responsibility whether I FEEL like it or not! The kids joined me on the couch some and we snuggled. Ethan said that my big belly kept pushing him though. I don't know how much longer the three of us will fit on there together:) I wasn't completely unproductive but what makes me feel like this some days? Lots of things, I know!

I gave Ethan a haircut Sunday morning but he wasn't pleased that it was still this long when I finished. He said he wanted a buzz cut and I thought that's what I gave but I guess he wanted it just like Ryan. Can you believe how big he's getting? I think he's handsome and such a neat kid!

Yesterday evening I took everything out of Ethan's closet and swept. We store our luggage in this closet and I discovered about 2 million sprinkles that I had missed way back in the corner. Remember that story? I wished I hadn't but I think they'll be back to haunt me many more times because they are stuck in the crevices of this room permanently.

Ethan and Ellia are the bestest of friends. Ellia is crabby today though and she has been purposely annoying Ethan. She stepped on the Candy Land box, threw his peas on the floor, and swung her sweatshirt at him. It hasn't been fun for Ethan and I can't say it's been a blast for me either:)

I tried to go to the post office during lunch today to mail a few school related items and my van wouldn't start. The post office is in walking distance but I didn't have time to walk there and back before my next call. Can I take a day off from responsibility? I'm super excited because my Spring Break is next week. I am going to plan fun things with the kids and do some sewing! The thought of a break motivates me and makes it more bearable to tackle responsibility today.


Naenay1012 said...

I totally hear you about one more household chore, or the kids getting on each other's nerves. I think everyone is ready for a nice long break. Maybe we can get some sunny days too.

Mark said...

Enjoy your week off Haylee. I'm amazed by all you accomplish! You are so industrious!