Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ryan purchased this wardrobe at an auction about 10 years ago for $5.00. It was painted country blue and brushed with metallic gold paint. UGLY...but a good deal! He then painted it white and built the base and crown top for it. It has been an unfinished project for quite some time and I decided that while he was away a couple nights this week that I would surprise him and paint it. The rug in front of it was purchased from Gabes with gift cards we received for Christmas. This gave our landing upstairs a needed pick me up and Ryan was surprised to come home to a finished project!

The kids were very excited to see him and we are enjoying the weekend. I've been waking up at about 5am every morning and enjoying a few hours to myself before the kids wake up. This morning Ryan headed out and bought the kids Timbits from Tim Horton's. They were thrilled! We made long snakes out of paper, blew up balloons, and now they are running around the house like crazy kids on a sugar high!

I bought a Junior's shirt at Gabes for $3.99 and cut it down to make this cute dress for Ellia. She wishes there was more twirl when she spins around:)

This week I asked Ethan who he plays with at school the most. He said "Mom, the strange thing is that everyone wants to play with me. I said, "Oh, so you all play together. That's nice." He said, "No, I mean everyone wants to play with ME." Funny!

Yesterday morning Ellia came down the stairs and said "Good Morning Mom! Did you sleep well?" Not a monumental comment but she is just so caring and nurturing.

I organized our linen closet this weekend. I have a little cold so I haven't started organizing the beast of an attic yet.

Today I tried some new recipes for my family and some new raw recipes. I'll have to post them if they turn out good!

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The Boy said...

Love the wardrobe! Could we just get Ryan to make something for us? Pretty please? I was excited to pull up the carpet in the mud room to find gorgeous hardwood floors! Can't even begin to tell you how thrilled and annoyed I was at the same time! Miss you!