Monday, March 16, 2009

Big Biskies

Ryan does not get home until 7pm or after every night because of his long commute. It is not my favorite thing but it does allow me to get dinner going and get the house straightened before he walks in the door. Tonight they were having left over Southwestern "Eggrolls" (this is a recipe that a friend from college shared...Ryan loved them!) so this allowed some fun time with the kids. Ethan had the great idea of making St. Patrick's Day cookies. I had a chocolate cake mix in the pantry so we added 2 eggs and a 1/2 cup of oil. We made green icing and added some mint flavoring that we thought would go nicely with the chocolate cookie. We enjoyed decorating these for their friends. I work away from my home office the next couple days so the kids will enjoy taking these treats to share with the other kids. Ethan is the type of kid that would sit and eat 3 cookies if I let him. Ellia took two bites and was finished.

I made Nori Rolls for my dinner tonight. Instead of rice, I chop up raw cauliflower in my food processor and then add other miscellaneous items. Tonight I added apple slices, sweet peas in the pod, carrot slices, bean sprouts, and yellow pepper. I roll all of that up in a seaweed sheet (I purchase these at Whole Foods) and then I cut them in 1 inch slices. I dip them in a wasabi sauce and a raw soy sauce. I usually add avacado slices because they are my favorite but I was out of those. These are yummy and quick to make! No raw fish here.........but lots of good veggies!

Ok, so I eat very healthy but I'm no skinny minny. Today Ethan asked me why my belly had to get this big when I'm pregnant. I showed him a picture of when I was pregnant with him as a reminder-HUGE! He also asked why my biskies (aka rear end) got big. I told him I've been asking God that for years..ha! I didn't really say that! I talked with Ethan about how I'm his mom and we can have open conversations but I wouldn't recommend he comment to anyone else on how big thier bisks are. It might have hurt my feelings if anyone else said it but Ethan is just the most naive and honest kid I know. I haven't been working these bisks like I was before getting pregnant mostly because I got out of the routine when I was having some complications in my pregnancy. I enjoy working my body hard but I do get frustrated that I work so hard at being healthy but my body doesn't show the results like on many people I know.....who eat McDonald's:) I'm learning to be freed from the plague of body image and I feel really good about making healthy choices. Kids keep me humble...that's for sure!

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Tsquared417 said...

You are one of the most beautiful women I've ever met...big pregnant belly and all! :) Gabe told me my "biskis" were huge all the time when I was pregnant with Matthew...good times...