Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I love these kids!

Today was cold but the sunshine was a wonderful pick me up! Ellia and I dropped Ethan off at preschool and we headed to a local coffee shop so I could work there for two hours. It was a nice change of scenery and Ellia enjoyed chatting with anyone that would talk with her. She enjoyed a cup of white pear tea and a small glazed doughnut.

She looked through the Reader's Digest for 15 minutes, drew pictures, went potty three times, and kept asking me the names of anyone that walked by.(Each time I said, "I don't know their names but you can ask them if they talk to you.") She engaged in a conversation with an older couple that enjoyed watching her. She told them about her brother, "Buddy", and how he was at school. She discussed how old she was, that she liked tea, and she asked the gentleman if he liked her sweater. They told me they could take her home:)

We then headed to Ethan's school to see a baby lamb and pig. Ethan thought they were cute but he wasn't enthralled like Ellia was. Ellia couldn't keep her hands off of them. They were adorable and I must say I'd love to live on a small farm where we could enjoy many animals!

Ethan made a special paper for his friend at school that proposed to him a few weeks back. He picked out stickers and colors that he knew she would really like. He made it on Saturday and was beyond excited to take it to her today. He said he thought she might hang it on her bed because she was so excited:)

Ethan is growing like crazy these days. He has two pair of pants that are long enough on him. He literally grew inches since November! Today he was totally embarrassed because the pants he wore to school were difficult to button and he had to ask his teacher to help him. He told me he doesn't want to wear them anymore.....that leaves us one pair of pants. I plan to hit a thrift store or kid's sale this weekend!

I bought this bucket at Big Lots because we outgrew our fruit bowl. Ryan eats fruit during his breaks at work and during his long commute. We basically need a produce Uhaul at our house to store it all:) I am excited for the Farmer's Market to pick up again. It seems like yesterday that I was walking down there with Ellia in the sling. We've had some vendors comment on how they love to watch our children grow. They'll get to see me waddle down there with my big belly and then see the newborn in sling shortly after! I wish the big belly would be gone right away too:)


dragomir family said...

You have the greatest stories of your children...love it! Ellia seems like such a sweet girl and I thought it was so cute when she asked the gentleman about her sweater! How darling is that? And, Ethan is so cute! Love what he did for that little girl in his class...already a thoughtful, sweet boy. :)

Naenay1012 said...

You are so brave to work in a coffee shop, and for 2 whole hours even! The kids are sweet.