Sunday, February 1, 2009

Quirrel Care Me

These are words I heard every night this week as I put Ellia to bed. We have a squirrel living in our chimney and you can hear it scratching at bed time. It took A LOT of stuffing from a chair on our porch and enjoyed keeping warm in it's cozy nest during the cold days.

I think squirrels are adorable and I love their fluffy tails. BUT I don't like them living in my chimney. AND I run and scream as if there is a tiger in my attic when I go up there. I'm such a good example of not freaking out for my children to see. We aren't exactly sure what we need to do to evict him from his current living place but the methods we've tried thus far have been unsuccessful. I need to organize in my attic and I'm too "cared of the quirrel" to go up there. So, hopefully we'll figure something out this week to help our furry friend find a new home so we don't have anymore cared children and mom around here.

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