Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Two year old with tampons

Ethan and Ellia brought two suitcases down from the storage closet and planted them in the kitchen to sit in while they played dart guns.I actually thought it looked like a lot of fun! I came in the kitchen later and found that Ellia was unwrapping a few tampons that she found in my suitcase. I quickly threw the wrappers and pieces away. Later in the evening when I was making dinner she was pointing down in a register saying "Candy, look mama, candy!" I went over and lifted the register to find that there were tampon pieces down there.I'm thankful we didn't have a tampon fire and I sure hope she wasn't licking them, even if they were sanitary. She'll have a lot to learn about female changes someday. She might not always think they are such a delightful thing, like candy. And she'll need to learn that tampons and candy are not interchangeable in any way. It got me thinking though, maybe tampons do taste like candy...... I've never tasted them.


Amber Mc said...

Love it. I often tell other moms that when I get an important phone call and need a toddler to be quiet, I hand them a tampon. They keep them occupied for quite some time! :)

Mia said...

I tried to comment awhile ago, but for some reason couldn't, but now that I have an account I can..... ANYWAY, Jake loves to get into my tampons, too. It's a little weird to see my boy with a tampon!