Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spidermans, Snowy Days, and Solid Nutrition

I've been reading much about nutrition these days and listening to some clinical studies on whole foods. I'm particularly interested in childhood nutrition in the midst of this processed food culture. One pediatrician commented on how we train our children to over eat by piling their plates with more food than they need and we make them eat it all. I've been guilty of this. "You may not leave the table until you eat what is on your place, eat 10 more bites(which equates to the rest of the food), there are children starving so be grateful for this food and eat it:)" This doctor recommends putting out a "grazing tray" filled with fresh fruits and vegetables so the kids can eat when they are hungry but stop when they aren't. He suggests that by the end of the day the tray will be empty. We've been doing this a few times a week and it's very interesting to see the eating patterns and the times of day they are hungry. I made smoothies this week with 1 1/2 cups frozen strawberries, one banana, a 1/2 cup of frozen berry mix, 1 cup carrot juice, a 1/2 water, and a boatload of spinach. They drink them up like a milkshake and still graze a little. Ethan had the great idea of making grape kabobs with skewers. They love the grazing tray!

The cold and snowy days have kept us in trying to make the best of being cooped up. Ellia loves to help me cook so we've been adorned in aprons, enjoying the time together. You can see that my belly is quickly growing! My friend Jamie made this apron for me for Christmas...fabulous, huh!?! My mom made Ellia's apron as a Christmas gift. Ethan enjoys some computer time on these Winter days and you can see Ellia was tired of watching him practice phonics rules:)

We played in the snow today but it took us longer to put on our 52 pairs of socks and 8 pairs of pants than what we actually spent playing. Ellia didn't like the cold and asked to come in after 2.2 minutes outside. We enjoyed hot tea after playing outside and it was very fun! Ellia decided to sweeten her tea by dropping sugar snap peas in it instead of using agave. Tomorrow I'm going to insist they stir their tea with sticks instead of man made spoons. Don't worry, the pediatrician didn't say that!

Ethan had his first proposal at school yesterday. The first thing he said when we got to the car is "Avery asked me to marry herg today." I said, "Really? What did you say?" He said, " Uh, NO! I told her I'm going to marry Ellia." I explained with a chuckle that he has a long time to decide who he wants to marry but just for the record we won't marry our sister or cousins. He wanted to know why and I explained that there are a few reasons but that in many places it's against the law. He then said, "Well, then maybe I'll tell Avery yes." It was cute because this little girl is so sweet and has adored Ethan from day one. They are good friends. It was also cute because Ethan loves Ellia so much that there's no one that could come close to the bond they share.

The kids have been dressing up as spiderman and "spiderwoman." They lasso "bad guys" that are stuffed animals and tie them to chairs. It's funny and fun!...........but I'm still ready for Spring days!!

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Krysty said...

I love hearing your stories about the kids...they are too precious and it's awesome that they are bestest friends. Love that they will swap interests with each other...Spiderwoman & Dolls...what a nice agreement!