Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New Year! My big announcement for today that I've pondered for a while now is that I'm going to take a pause with Haybee Baby. It has been a fun adventure and a debt free business. I realized through this holiday season that it was very hard for me to keep up with orders even though I had help sewing and I've known for awhile that something in my life needed to go. With working full time I don't have the time to invest what it needs to go to the next level. I love being creative and designing new things and I'm hopeful that this pause will allow me more time to do that more. Running a business is not really what I enjoy because that part isn't creative:) We'll see what the future holds but I feel peaceful that this is the right decision for now! I will continue to blog about my family and creative adventures on here though.

Speaking of's been a wonderful break from work. We enjoyed a wonderful trip to see my sister and family. I fell on the ice getting ready to leave. This wasn't a little slip. I wasn't walking as if there was ice under me because I didn't think there was ice and I went flying. So did everything in my arms, including our laptop. Everyone and everything was fine but what a crazy start to the trip. I packed a small tub of paper and activities for each kid and they had a blast on the drive. Ellia held three baby dolls the entire way home. I was busy handing snacks, picking up babies, and spelling words for Ethan to write much of the time but it was such a fun trip both ways. It was great to spend time with family. I felt exhausted while I was there though. I think I was playing catch up and not used to a slow pace in life. It was a nice pause from our busy life.

My kids haven't paused a bit. They are in full fledge excitement over their new toys and the festivities. I need to purchase some organizational bins for these new toys because they have overtaken the playroom...and living room....and every other room in our house. Yesterday Ethan received a very fun dart gun set that he fires at anything and everything. Last night he shot me straight in the eye which was a no no because he was standing only 2 feet away and I wasn't playing that game. I was swaddling Ellia's baby and felt like my eyeball might fall out. The guns went to bed a few hours before Ethan did:) Ellia tried to feed her baby colby cheese tonight. She literally used a fork to shove in the small open mouth. Then she put the paci in. I tried my best to get it out but I think she'll just be a moldy mouthed baby.......but she'll have soft lips because there is also Burts Bee's chapstick shoved in there.
What do I adore today? Pauses.........the fact that I can freely step away from things and enjoy the people I love. Beautiful!


The Boy said...

Sweet Haylee, while I'm sure that wasn't an easy decision, I am sure it's a relief to unload some of the weight and burden. I am so glad that you can see the joy in your decision despite putting a long time dream on hold. Love you. xoxo

Naenay1012 said...

Oh I am so glad your kids do crazy stuff too.
Enjoy your pause.