Saturday, December 20, 2008

December Fun

Well, I've been feeling quite pukey these days because I'm just finishing up my first trimester of my pregnancy. I am due July 1st and we are going to keep the sex of the baby a surprise:) The days are getting better but it's been a challenge to keep up with things..........especially blogging.

We have been busy and enjoying December activities with our kiddos. We made gingerbread houses on December 1st. The kids will get to break them open on Christmas Eve and find a little present inside. This year they are each getting a classic Christmas DVD. They will enjoy watching them on the 9 hour drive to visit my sister and in years to come.
Ryan and I did LOTS of baking. I hadn't planned to bake this year but my leadership team at work decided we would give baked goods as our gift to our teams this year. So, I baked for those 12 teachers and several of our friends. It was way more fun having Ryan help me!

The kids have helped me with lots of baking, gift making, and cooking this month as well. Wonder who will get the lucky cookies that Ethan iced? :) Actually, I give them each their little pile with the remnant icing and let them lick and decorate until they are all sugared out.

I've also been busy sewing Christmas gifts. I can't show many of them because I'll give away the surprise:) Here's the puppet stage I made my kids. It looked really cute in my head but didn't quite turn out that way. I know they'll love playing with it no matter what it looks like!

I made it from a 99 cent shower curtain that was brand new at the thrift store. The rest was fabric scraps. I've been able to keep our Christmas budget extremely low this year due to sewing many gifts. I did buy each kiddo a puppet. Ellia's is a goat and Ethan's is an Iguana. They are also getting bean bag chairs and a couple books each. We give each kid three presents and a stocking. We are trying to keep things simple and our house decluttered:)

We've watched a Christmas movie every Friday in December. So fun to cuddle with the fam and savor the season. It's been thrilling to see Ethan enjoy giving to others this season. He's really getting how fun it is give to people he loves and even people he doesn't know.

I was recently asked what my favorite gift was growing up as a child. I remember my parents telling my sister and I that they didn't have much money for Christmas that year and they wondered if there was one thing we wanted. I asked for a cardboard box and a yardstick:) I remember waking up Christmas morning and seeing a new outfit on my baby under the tree and several other outfits. My mom had made us beautiful doll clothes out of fabric scraps and even some of her clothes. She made beautiful bonnets to match little nightgowns. I remember changing my doll's clothes over and over again. It was extremely memorable. Mom said that it was one of her favorite Christmas gifts to give too. She remembers burning the midnight oil sewing and thinking about how excited we would be. We still have the clothes and they are very dear to me! I realize that it isn't the gift that makes the impact but the love put into it. I want to give gifts that people love and that will keep on giving through the love invested in them. I have loved doing that this year.
Enjoy a wonderful Christmas with the people you love and look for ways to love those that need it! Blessings to you this Christmas!

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