Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gift making galore

I've been busy the last few evenings making Christmas gifts! I'm getting that giddy excitement for December and I'm planning advent activities for my kiddos. I LOVE creating fun memories for them. I'm amazed at how many of them Ethan remembers from last year. I'm thankful he enjoys tradition. The first week of December we will make gingerbread houses and then they each get to smash theirs open on Chrismas Eve and get out their small gift that I hide in it. I will post pictures and share more about advent details later.
The little girls in my life are getting baby doll diapers this year. Ellia plays babies all day so I know she'll be very excited over these!

This is a felt change purse that I'll put change in for a little girl.
I wrapped my first Christmas gift:) I buy all of my gift wrap for 75% off after Christmas so it's fun to get it out knowing I spent very little on it. I bought a spool of fuzzy yarn three years ago and I'm still going to use that as ribbon on some gifts this year. I also keep my eye out for ric rac at estate sales and thrift shops. I haven't had to buy bows or new ribbon in YEARS for Christmas gifts. I usually make gift tags out of scrapbook paper so I can get a lot from one sheet.
I love take out boxes! I found these at big lots and filled them with goodies to give to my 12 teachers at our team meeting next week.

My kids have been so fun this week. They've been very creative in their play and haven't even been interested in watching a video. I have to beg them to put one in to get them quiet for a few minutes:) They've built elaborate blanket tents, played house, played animals, etc. Ethan came out in this get up on Saturday saying he was going to hunt bears and bad guys....PJ's, winter hat with ball cap on top, winter coat with pirate belt wrapped around, camo gloves, and crocs:) He was trying to dress Ellia up in a similar get up but she wanted nothing to do with it! He makes me smile.

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Maria said...

Love the picture of Ethan ready to catch bears- with the OSU hat on! Too funny! -ri