Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ellia Joe Dirt

In the last couple weeks many people have commented on how long Ellia's hair has grown. It's been fun as a mom to style her hair and put it up in cute styles. Friday, as I drove home from NE Ohio Ethan said, "Mom, Ellia's hair is too long. People keep saying that. She needs it cut." I explained that her hair was long and pretty. Well, today Ethan and Ellia headed upstairs to bring Ethan's pirate ship down. I heard them get the ship, Ellia wanted a baby, and other chit chat. I heard Ethan say that he needed to get something from downstairs and that he'd be right back up. I asked him on his way down the steps what they were doing and he confidently said, "I was just cutting off Ellia's long hairs for you." I quickly went up the stairs to find my sweet girl looking more like Joe Dirt than my Ellia Mya.

It was quite the mullet actually, with some 1/2 inch pieces of hair in random spots. (This picture makes her hair look really good. It didn't capture all the short pieces.) I cried for a moment and then quickly got the camera. Ry and I each had chats with Ethan about not cutting hair. He reminded us that when his hair gets long we cut it so that's what he thought Ellia needed. It made perfect sense to him and he thought he was helping. Well, I couldn't take her anywhere today to get it shaped up so I attempted to do it myself. It's just going to be a chip choppy mess for a while but it will grow!
I had to use the help of the curling iron a bit to get it this cute. It could have been worse!

I recently said that I could see Ellia being the type of kid that would cut her own hair. I just didn't think Ethan would do that. Shows what I know.


Anonymous said...

Well, at least Ellia has hair. Hallie is 2 and hardly has more than she was born with. When it does start to grow it looks crazy because it is thin and only grows in the back...hence, the curly mullet. I cut the back hoping the sides will catch up, but so far she just looks like a little baby that can walk and carry a conversation.

The Boy said... must be the season! Someone at work has a daughter that is 6 and cut her hair so short that it literally doesn't go over a finger! And she's still crying about it. Love what you did with it though. Love you! - Connie

maria said...

Oh, Habe! As I lay in bed last night I started thinking about this and started laughing out loud. Oh, these kids! Truly, Ellia looks adorable with short hair! She's a little doll. And, it will grow fast. She still has more hair than Lily. :)

Naenay1012 said...

I have to tell you I laughed out loud when I read this. It will grow back and I think it looks cute.