Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jumpy for Fall

Back to what I adore...........fall fun with my family!! I LOVE, I mean giddy like a child love, Fall. The beautiful leaves call me to jump in them, farms cause me to skip, bonfires warm me inside and out, I sleep in wool sweaters, fuzzy blankets become part of my wardrobe, and pumpkins overtake my porch. I had a wonderful weekend because I've been able to do all of these FUN things in two days. Even my bathtub is evidence of the fall fun with it's colorful leaf remnants and probably even some sticky marshmallow hairs from my filthy kiddos:) Hey, tomorrow we won't even have to go outside to jump in the leaves....."just hop in the bathtub kids!" We soaked in all the fun we could because before we know it the snow will be falling. Snow brings out some childish behavior in me as well but only for about three snows and then I'm crabby. But fall, I'm in love with everything about it, except that it seems to only last a couple weeks!

Another? Large rings. The first picture is one that I inherited from my Mammaw. I can picture it on her long, skinny fingers like it was yesterday. I love that she was a lady with style and a huge heart. The next ring was 1.98 from Pier I. I know, I thought they only sold home goods. Maybe this was supposed to be a door stop and I mistook it as a ring:)

This ring was a gift from my fabulous sister. She is a classy gal and buys me the FUNNEST gifts ever. The honkin huge orange ring is a $5.00 ring from an antique store. It is from the 60's and held lip balm in it. It's big enough to be an underwear drawer,


Maria said...

Love the orange ring. Fun stuff!

Amy Whitaker said...

Did you get the orange ring down on West High Street? If so, I have tried it on several times! =) I am also a fan on the huge ring! The bigger the better!

Haybee Baby said...

I did get it there! They had marked it down and I was thrilled:)