Friday, October 10, 2008

Crayola Crept In

I enjoyed a fun night! I walked into my studio with a fresh glass of water and was greeted by a crayon drawing on the wall by Ellia Mya. Oh, thank you my dear. A half hour later I got started on my projects......
I sewed this fun bag out of an old quilted bedspread. I love the print and the sturdiness of the finished product. It would be a fun grocery or library bag. I might just have to keep it for myself:) Don't tell Ryan because he's slightly concerned with my obsession and our overcrowded storage hooks.

I also made my Christmas Organization booklet for this year. Tonight I started on my list who we give gifts to and what I'll be making. I keep this in my purse to help me with focused shopping and I even make a pocket for all Christmas receipts. This year I won't have too many of those since I'm making the gifts! In the past I've made dozens of cookie tins for neighbors and co-workers but this year we'd like to give a yummy gift that promotes health. I don't think a tin of fruit leathers would be much appreciated so I need to think of something that still tastes yummy to non raw food eaters. We've even thought of buying a nice loaf of bread to help support a great local bakery in our town along with a jar of homeade flavored butter. We shall see but I would love any ideas from you!

It felt nice to enjoy some alone time, even if it included scrubbing crayola off the walls!

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