Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I might actually like fiction and I'm certain I like my sweet Ellia Mya

I've never been a fan of fiction books. Also, anyone who knows me well is aware that I have an issue with engaging in movies. I'm continually aware that it is a film production and there are multiple people, cameras around them. I'm not able to put myself in the place of a character to where it would bring tears, etc. It really is quite a bummer, actually. I am currently reading The Shack by William Young and it is a fiction that I've been able to engage in. I'm not concerned with cameras and I'm able to visualize myself as "Mack." I encourage you to read this book as it is thought provoking and includes unique and challenging perspectives.

Along those same lines, Ellia's world is being shaped and molded by what she sees us do and by how we show love, etc. This weekend she was watching me intently as I was making a raw green bean salad. After a little while I hear, "me help?" and she grabbed her apron. She helped me snap beans until that job was finished. She slapped her hands on the island and said, "all done, make cookies now?" Of course! Why not, when their diet for the last week consisted predominately of Tim Horton's donuts. Let's pack in some more high fructose corn syrup while we're at it!.........forgetting I don't have any sugar, eggs, or flour in my house. I found an old cake mix(not gross old! They last for centuries anyway with all the preservatives in them:) ) and we mixed two eggs, and a 1/2 cup of oil in it. Ellia was quite persistent with scooping the cookies onto the cookie sheet and lining them up perfectly. She completed the task until the bowl was dough free. She would yell "GOT IT!" each time she plopped a scoop on the cookie sheet. When we finished our cookie making she said, " all done, help daddy now?!" She then went outside to help him wash his truck...with her apron on:) She has no interest in practicing letters, numbers, or colors, but she sure loves real life tasks!h

I found some fun cloth napkins on clearance for dirt cheap! They make a nice fall table. I think I need to host a soup party this weekend! Ryan is craving white chicken chili.

I went to a raw food class last night and it was quite inspiring and fun. We were served numerous raw Mexian recipes. Next month she is hosting a Thai class.....yum! A couple weeks ago I made nori rolls with cauliflower instead of rice. They are wrapped in the seaweed wraps and stuffed with avacodo and carrots. I then dipped them in an unpaturized soy sauce with wasabi sauce. Can we say delish??!! I would love to teach raw food workshops someday. Like I need one more thing to do, right?!


Joyful House Farms said...

How 'bout you start with teaching me how to make your cauli/nori rolls and maybe one or two other dishes sometime when I come home?

Naenay1012 said...

Raw Mexican? My ears are perked up!

Craig and Stacy Whiteman said...

I am currently reading the Shack as well, very good! The entire creative department at church was given a copy and told to go home and read it. Glad you enjoyed it!