Sunday, September 7, 2008

Do we really need to use soap?

Ryan and I enjoyed discussions this weekend in the area of cultural influence and generational thinking. We discussed things from marriage ideals and biblical interpretation to using soap and brushing our teeth. It is interesting to step outside of what we've always known and question everything we do. I'm not ready to stop using soap but I do want to think for myself and not follow the cultural norm. Or, how about underwear? How long have people been wearing that? Ethan has been thinking along these lines for quite some time because he'd love to not use soap or wear underwear! I think he would actually do great living in the jungle or a nudist camp:)
In between our discussions I decorated our porch with a 50 cent tablecloth from a garage sale and a 99 cent colorful lantern from Gabriel Brothers. The autumn itch finally got the best of me. I plan to buy my pumpkins next weekend!

I also found two great $4.99 lamp shades at Gabes for our bedroom.

I was given free tickets to the Country Living Fair in Columbus next weekend! I look forward to being inspired and meeting amazingly creative people(Amy Butler will be there!) I won't be riding a horse there instead of driving quite yet........but maybe next year! Who knows, maybe I'll be wearing a bonnet too.

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Krysty said...

You're going Amish on us? :-) You'd make a great homemaker like that, living off the land Hayles. And you of all people would make a bonnet look stylish...just add a brooch or something to it! Love your always have fun ones hanging on your porch!