Saturday, September 13, 2008

Creating galore

Today my friend, Jamie, and I went to the Country Living Fair. It was fun and filled with sights and smells of autumn........and sausage sandwiches:| We gathered many ideas and purchased a couple of things.
I purchased this ring made from vintage beads. Fun for fall! I also bought this vintage tablecloth that I plan to add a ruffle around the edge with a modern fabric.

Antique Roadshow was at the fair. My mom and her friend were in there most of the day and found out that a painting they took was worth $350. We went to whole foods and found a new raw food section! We also went to Goodwill and bought some interesting items that we plan to transform.
I came home and went out to eat with Ryan and the kids. Ethan got a bloody nose while we were at the restaurant and he was crying as if we had shoved something up his nose, into his brain. We had to leave because I think our spectators were getting grossed by the bloody, screaming child. We came home and put the kiddos to bed and I decided to work on a creative project since I was bursting with all sorts of creative inspiration. I used a placemat from Pier One to make this clutch purse. The embellishment is velvet covered beads that I tied in a knot.

What a fun day!

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