Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tom Tom Candy

We enjoyed a great day together. We purchased wonderful produce this morning and enjoyed snacking on grape tomatoes shortly after breakfast. I often mention that they taste like candy so Ellia kept
YELLING tom tom candy when she wanted more:) There were not any kittens at the market today and I'd prefer tom tom candy yelling over a screaming, kicking fit, any day!
We also hit some community garage sales as a family. Ethan made his special purchases all by himself! He purchased some junky toys but they are complete treasures to him. At least it wasn't more Aldi ads:) I heard him say this to Ellia, " I got to buy these things today because I worked hard to make my bed and put my laundry away. You can start getting money in jars if you do chores too." He then gave her a quarter to spend at a garage sale. She lost it before she spent it but wasn't that sweet of him?!

We didn't buy a lot today but we had fun. I found these old golden books for 10 cents each. Both of the kids enjoy these. I also found a big box of fabric for $5.00. I plan to make more grocery bags for gifts. My favorite purchase of the day was this little green box filled with 35 spotless hankies for $3.00! I have hankie projects swirling in my brain!

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