Saturday, August 30, 2008

Spinach Cookies

We are doing the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace with Ethan. He's started earning commissions by doing chores. I decided to make jars for him instead of using the envelopes that came with the kit. He likes digging his hands through the money. He doesn't want to spend any of it:) We've been connected with an abuse shelter that often has needs for specific children and mothers. I've been talking with Ethan about buying a toy or some clothes for one of the kids there with his "Give" money. He gives some to church but we want him to learn to give to people around him too. Ryan also pays Ethan to help pick the walnuts up in the back yard too! We go to the Farm Market every Saturday and Ethan plans to buy himself a cookie tomorrow! I think healthy fruits and vegetables at the market and my child is thinking about a cookie. I don't force my kids to eat a raw vegan diet like me but I do provide mostly raw food for them. I want them to choose how they eat someday but I'll do the best I can to provide healthy choices in our home.
Ethan's preschool starts this Thursday. I'm happy for him because I know he enjoys being around the kids but I'm sad for me because he is such a fun kid to have around. I've been doing some Math and History with him at home and he loves it. We just leave Ellia in the sink during this time:)
I let him get on two days a week and he really enjoys it.
We don't have any telelvision channels in our home, we only use the tv for movies. I take the kids to the library every Wednesday evening and we get a bag full of books and a couple movies. This week's choice was Popeye. After watching it, Ethan asked if I could make him some spinach.:) I was out of spinach so I gave him some chopped up lettuce. He ate it all and asked for more!!!! Now, that might now sound amazing to many of you but for Ethan that was nearly a miracle. He has many issues with textures and has many food oppositions. I am now on the hunt for any video that promotes food as giving big muscles! Too bad they won't be selling spinach cookies tomorrow!

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