Monday, August 25, 2008

The Reading Room

Um, can you believe your eyes?....I'm blogging two days in a row. Unheard of!
Yesterday afternoon I moved bookshelves into our little yellow sunroom on the second floor. It is officially our reading room and the kids LOVE it. Ethan wanted his quiet time in that room today. At first he was upset I was moving the bookshelves from his closet but once he realized it was a special reading place, he was completely excited. Ellia has had past drawing experiences on this chair so we had to have a chat that we only read on the chair, not draw:) See a theme here?....on arms, on the chair, and many other locations in my home.
Have you read Bad Dog Marley? The illustrations are adorable and done by our friend, Richard Cowdrey.
I collect many books at garage sales and thrift stores so our collections overtake at times. Then add weekly library books to that! I actually had to sort through our books to give some away. I can easily rid of toys but books are more challenging! Ethan doesn't know I'm getting rid of them though. I don't want to be sneaky but he keeps EVERYTHING. I was organizing his nightstand and found a stack of Aldi ads. Seriously, Aldi ads? He's found toys in the trash before and cried. (I think he has a radar because I tie them in another bag and then stick them in the trash. Please tell me you didn't think I just casually threw them in the trash:) ) Then he would ask me before bed if I was going to throw his toys away after he went to sleep. That did make me feel bad and I've just had to become more strategic in my cleaning out escapades.
Ry is home on Monday and he is fabulous. He took my grocery list and the kids to Kroger this morning AND put them away, unloaded the dishwasher, and was super dad with the kids. What a gem he his and I'm super

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Krysty said...

Love your reading room. We left a lot of books in our nursery, took down the crib and made it a "playroom" full of Legos. The boys have just recently enjoyed alone time in there with the books. Of course they won't have that for much longer. I have no idea where all those Legos will go now!
We HAVE ready Bag Dog Marley and I didn't even notice who the illustrator was! He's everywhere!