Saturday, August 9, 2008

Is God in transfat?

Ethan turned 5 this week. I loved making it a magical day for him with simple, special moments. He said, “I love this day so much that I don’t even know what to do with myself.” He’s been thinking through life in deeper ways these days. Like….. Do actors do voices for cartoon characters or the characters real? Where do babies come out? Will Ellia grow a penis when she gets older?

On his birthday I saw him deep in thought. I asked him what he was thinking about.

Ethan: God

Me: What about Him?

Ethan: Well, I just wish I could see him. I know He’s in heaven, but how am I supposed to know where that is anyway?

We proceeded to have a great conversation about God. I was explaining that we can see God all around us in the smile of a person or a beautiful tree. I thought he was really getting it because his expression turned happy when he quickly said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve had a McDonald’s Happy Meal.” Maybe he sees a trait of God in the trans fat, junky toy meal that I don’t see:)

As Ethan is questioning the things of life, Ellia is twirling skirts, putting make up on, coloring her arms with permanent marker, changing diapers on her babies, and having fits when we have to walk away from animals. She LOVES living things. She picks up spiders and ants, holding them as if it is a long lost friend. (which means she kills them, kinda like in Of Mice and Men) The Farmer's Market has had kittens a couple weeks in a row and she throws a royal fit for the entire town square. At the fair she didn't want to leave each animal barn we went to. I just keep telling myself that I need to be consistent but that this phase will soon pass. I hope the writing on arms with permanent marker passes too! She used to play in the toilet everyday and she is done with that one. There is hope!

I made these little girl purses this week. Fun project, messy studio.


Naenay1012 said...

Very cute purses. Maybe with the marker she is trying to be Kat Von Dee from LA Ink. She has tatoos ALL over.
See you soon!

Connie said...

Haylee, I hope the phase NEVER passes for her screaching away from animals. I love it that she love them so much! :) Noah's the same way. i swear he's going to work in a zoo someday. - Love you! Connie

Lee Pop said...

Where can I buy some Haybee Baby stuff? :)