Thursday, August 28, 2008

Emollient Cream and Pee

Our sweet Ethan boy decided to style his own hair today. I must say that he looked darn handsome. I quickly realized that what he thought was hair gel was actually Mary Kay extra emollient night cream. I explained to him that I use it on my feet in the summer to try to keep them soft. His face looked like he could throw up. I believe he will have perfectly styled hair for about a week because we've attempted two hair washes and you wouldn't even know it. This stuff is thicker than vaseline and he basically used up the whole jar. His scalp and forehead are the softest ever. Ethan and Ellia wanted to put the cream on my feet tonight and it was actually quite a nice foot massage! I told Ethan I was going to massage his head with my feet since we had the same cream on them. He didn't find the humor in that but I did!
We got on Skype with Ryan tonight since he is gone. He liked Ethan's spikey do! I won't tell him about the foot massage part...........he might think he could pass the buck to them:)
My niece turns two this weekend so I bought her thisbrown corduroy coat and made a felt brooch for it. I also ordered the cute hat but that hasn't come yet. I think she'll be stinkin' adorable in it for fall. I am also sending her a post card that I talked into. I sang my special little Lily song to her. I love to send her packages!

Ellia peed on the floor twice today. I won't post a picture of that! I let the kids have a tea party with water and crumpets(aka veggie sticks:) Ellia was so in to playing that she wasn't making it to the potty in time. She tried to clean upthe pee with her blanket and then threw a royal fit because I had to wash it. In fact I need to go fold the 20 towels we used for the emollient cream and pee messes..............

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