Monday, July 7, 2008

Haylee Who?

Hello!....Hello! Can you hear me? I've been piled under paperwork, school work, laundry, and kids for the past several months. I'm finally on break and feel I can breath. I decided to get back to blogging now that I have a few spare minutes. I'm going to pretend that there's not a gap in time from my last blog and just plunge ahead with the news of today. I will jumble a bit of randomness in this blog though!
Last week I was able to hang out with a couple of college friends. We laughed about our past escapades and current motherhood adventures. I think I need a post dedicated to these girls. They make me laugh until my belly hurts kind of people. They also have huge hearts and they live love.

My sister, Maria, and her family were here for a visit this past week. It was fun to see the kiddos play together. Each of our kids have such unique and different personalities.

Lily is quite the talker and the repeater of her own words:)

I tried taking a picture of my kids together. You'd think that with only two that could be a smooth task. NOPE. You'd think that I was asking them to perform brain surgery. Ethan insisted on looking through a magnifying glass and Ellia just wouldn't look at the camera. Then there was crying, hiding behind flags, picking boogers, and more! I needed brain surgery after that!

Our house is for sale and has been for what seems to be 82 years. Ryan is still working in the Akron/Cleveland area Tuesday through Friday. He leaves by 5am and gets home at 7:30pm. We are tired, spending 800-900 dollars in gas each month, and ready for something different, so please buy our house! Actually, please pray that we will have the patience to follow God's direction for us!

I eat 100% raw now! That means I don't eat anything cooked. Some people think that means I've turned into an alien. I haven't had sugar since 40 days before Easter. It's been quite a journey in research and changing habits. I feel good and I hope my body will like it for the long haul.

We are headed on a mini vacation to Deer Creek this week. Last year Ethan called vacation, "paycation". So, I keep calling it paycation this year and he corrects me every time. We plan to do lots of biking and swimming. Ethan had a difficult time going to sleep tonight and I guarantee he'll think we are leaving right when he wakes up at 7am. Then he'll inquire every 15 mintues when we are leaving for vacation. I have a handful of nickels ready to give him for before we leave and one for the car ride. Every time he asks "Is it time to leave for vacation?" or "Are we there yet?", he'll give me a nickel. If he doesn't ask the questions, he keeps the money. It has worked for other things so we can only hope he falls for it tomorrow:) We are stopping at Easton on our way down to let them run in the fountains. They will be so excited. I am too! I look forward to getting away from the house where projects stare me in the face at every corner. I'm excited to snuggle, laugh, sing, play, and to focus on my family. We need this time!
Now, how long will it be until I post again?


Naenay1012 said...

Your children have gotten so big!
They are cuties. Hope your paycation was wonderful.

Lee Pop said...

I love the nickle idea! Do you still do that? I need to start writing down some of these ideas that I get from you..

...for whenever I have kids. :)