Friday, January 18, 2008

Young and Old

I turned 31, my 4 year old thinks he needs to shave 4 times a day, and it just has me clinging to "youngness" like a leech. So, Ethan received this shaving kit for Christmas and has started to take the act of shaving as a personal mission in his little world. We'll finish lunch and Ethan will put on his serious, responsible looking face and say, "We'll, I better go shave." He's quite meticulous about the manuvering of shaving cream on his baby bottom cheeks. I hear him fill the sink with water, tap the razor repeatedly against the sink to clean off each swoop of shaving cream. He eventually makes his way back down stairs( after he pretends the bathroom sink is a swimming pool for about 55 zoo animals that I frantically scoop out when I go to brush my teeth at midnight) and touches his oh so smooth face against my 31 year old wiskered chin( I guess this can be a topic for another day but maybe I should be the one shaving.......ok, for those of you who haven't seen me, I don't have a beard or anything. I just have some occasional goat hairs that need a little tweezing to keep me looking like a youthful woman. If you ever see one that I've missed, please tell me!) I know Ethan will be shaving his own bristled wiskers before too long but for now I'm going to pretend he'll always have a testosterone free face and I'll snuggle him to pieces while I can.

I guess since I can't keep myself or my kiddos young I retreated to where I had a bit more control..........I decided to cut up an old sweater and make it into something young and fresh. I took a $1.50 thrift store sweater and made this bag. So fun to make and now many woolen images are swirling in my head.

A dear friend is taking me to a spa tomorrow morning for my birthday. I betcha I'll come out of there feeling youthful and wisker free:)

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Lee Pop said...

I love this post. So adorable. Ethan was so little! And how did you make that purse? How do you to make all these things? Do you have a book or something? You're so talented..