Friday, January 4, 2008

The Crecco blogging begins. Well actually it started last week on another blog format but I decided I liked this one the blogging continues............

Yep, haybee baby was a name given to me as a young girl by my dad. I wasn't so fond of it as a child but I like it so much now that I named my baby business haybee baby. My dad says that when I start making the big bucks he wants royalties for the name:)

I have an amazing family that you'll be hearing a lot about on here. Ryan is my husband and best friend. He's quite the amazing carpenter! Ethan Ryan is our four year old and he wants to be an animal rescuer when he gets big. At least that's the answer he gave today. Tomorrow he'll probably be headed to spiderman college. Ellia Mya is our 19 month old and she might just be the child prodigy baby sitter. She is in love with her babies and feeds them regularly. They are fun, fun, fun kids!!

We had a splendid Christmas. Ryan endured knee surgery and I flew to VA for one night to see my sister for her birthday. I loved spending one on one time with my sweet niece! She is one cutie patootie:)

Each day in December we did an advent activity with the kids. I had numbers hanging on a garland. I hid a coordinating red evenlope that told of our activity for the day. We made marshmallow snow men, read about the birth of Jesus while sipping on hot cocoa, made gifts for grandmas, as well as 22 other things.

I made slabs of fudge for gifts which was tons of fun! I guess I could take a picture of my biskies(won't find that word in Wikepedia) so you could see the after effects of eating fudge. That's not so fun and might discourage anyone from making this recipe so I'll withhold such pictures today:)

I even made time to cut up some old sweaters during my Winter Break to make Ellia a sweater cape and bonnet. I would describe her as looking stinkin' cute!

I feel so alive when I'm being creative and I plan for this forum to be an open palette of my late night creative adventures. I hope that you will be inspired by and enjoy the stories of my crazy kids and the fun projects I engage in!
Here's to blogging in 2008.................(hopefully this won't be the only time:) )

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Connie said...

Loooooove the new blog. :) And I love the new logo. So sweet. It was so great spending time with you the the family. We miss you so much!