Saturday, June 1, 2013

Marshmallow Flower Cake

I can bake a cake but my decorating is similar to the work of a 5 year old. 
This was a rather simple project though!

I tinted white icing with yellow coloring to a pale yellow.
I purchased a bag of mini multi colored marshmallows. 
I took out the yellow marshmallows. 
I poured green sprinkles in a ziplock bag.
I used cutlery scissors to cut the marshmallows diagonally. 
I put them in the bag of sprinkles.
I shook the bag. 
The sprinkles cling to the cut side of the marshmallow. 
I then started at the center of the iced cake and placed them in a circle.  I was just going to do a small flower in the center but I kept it going all the way to the outer edge. 
I added a few yellow ball sprinkles in the center. 
Fun and pretty!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Inexpensive Decorating

 I'm no expert decorator but several of you have asked me to share some practical tips.  Craigslist, trash picking, garage sales, and thrifting are my shopping trips of choice.  Our home is filled with inexpensive treasures that add character and uniqueness.  The green vintage couch was a $30 Goodwill find.  The chandelier was a $30 craigslist find.  If you don't frequent should! You'll find unique pieces that you would not find at a retail store.  Stacking fabric and sewing books adds colorful decor.
 I collect cream pottery.  I keep it out year round and I did not pay more than $1 for each piece.  Find a color of pottery you enjoy and start collecting!  The cabinet was a $200 craigslist find from a salon that was closing. A little paint and new hardware made this piece a focal point of our room and we will keep it for years to come.  In autumn the pottery is adorned with leaves and acorns.  At Christmas they hold berries and silver glitter.
 Old frames become character filled art.  A little spray paint and they are ready to do their job.  One was a trash treasure and the other was whopping $1.
 I like old! It boasts character and can be kind on the wallet! The doily pennant hangs using wall space and telling tales of grandparents, aunts, and wedding memories.
 Picture frames with scrapbook paper add color and texture for only pennies. My little bird was 60 cents and hand painted by a child.  I spray painted him mustard and he greets friends in our guest room.
 Stacked table cloths and aprons add color to a room along with serving dishes.  No need to hide the beauties in a drawer or behind closed doors.
 This was a child's bed frame painted with chalkboard paint and now speaks truth and encouragement to us as we head down the hallway. 
Find an old window frame when trash picking and put a piece of fabric behind it.  Hang aprons on hooks and your wall is filled with color!  Piecing a house together with color and bargains can be rewarding and quite the treasure hunt!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Saturday Night Live

We enjoyed our first SNL this weekend.  Will Ferrell was not it attendance.  There were no cheerleaders.  No cowbell.  There was a lot of fondue and laughter though.  We gathered 11 adults and 11 children for our first SNL. 

Chocolate fondue, parmesan fondue, and pizza fondue were our dips of choice.   We were in a food coma before I thought to take a picture of the fondue set up. 

This group came together from various avenues.  Some of us live together, some work together, some have kids at the same school, some went to high school together, some were born in the same country, and all of us enjoyed fondue and laughter.  I'm excited to know them more. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Day of Love

 This day of love started with s'mores for breakfast.  Nothing like getting the kids sugared up in the first 10 minutes of the day. I took today off work and enjoyed time in Ellia's preschool classroom, went to lunch with Mr. Hotsie and the kids, and reveled in a slower pace today.   

We sat around a table enjoying good food and time together. 
A piece of vintage fabric from the thrift store, scrap book paper placecards, mini takeout boxes with fortune cookes, candles, and flowers......all these details were put in their place with love.   
 Jenni and I made tissue paper flowers and the kids were bursting with excitement for this memorable night.
Fun was had by all!

 The five little darlings scurried through the house on a scavenger hunt to find clues that led them to their gifts in the bathtub.  We used personalized clues but I adusted them so anyone can use them.  Feel free to tweak and print the clues below for your own hunt!
These big red lips were 90% off after Halloween and they were a fun addition to our evening!  Well it wasn't all fun...there was some gagging when little pieces of wax broke off into mouths. 
.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
Clue # 1-handed to your child

It’s Valentine’s Day and we love you,
So use your mind to find your clue.

On this special day of love,
You’ll find your clue where we keep your glove.

Clue #2-(Hidden in the glove bin)

Socks and shirts and undies too,
We like to keep clothes clean for you.
We wash our clothes and dry them too,
This is where you’ll find your clue.

Clue # 3-(Hidden in the Washer or Dryer)

This is where we eat each night,
Sometimes it can be quite a sight.

Look under where we set our food,
This clue will put you in a great mood!

Clue #4-(Hidden under the Kitchen Table)

This here will be your final clue,
Go look where we keep the soap and shampoo
Here you play with toys and wash your hair,
So pull back the curtain, you’ll find your gifts there.

Gifts are hidden in the bathtub!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Let's Party!

Party planning is a complete delight to me. It doesn't feel like work.   I adore the details that bring it all together. My girls love helping no matter what kind of party. 
 Tea parties, birthday parties, losing a tooth party...we love it all!  Ellia wanted to talk about her birthday party plans's at the end of May. 
We are planning a fun Valentine evening filled with a scavenger hunt, yummy food, and big red lips.  Stay tuned for pictures:)
This Saturday we will host our first Saturday Night Live.  We will gather a group of people that don't know each other well in hopes that friendship will bud and eventually blossom.  We'll dip our food in fondue as we chat and laugh. We will gather often to enjoy each other, share life together, and love each other.  That's it.  Food, fun, and love. 
Here are some of the "parties" we have planned.

Soup cookoff and salads
Mexican food night
Pizza and ice cream
Gogosh with toppings
Outdoor movie night
Campfire meal-Smore’s bar
Game night with appetizers
Tail gate party
Carnival night
Food fight
Out to eat
Costume party
Homeade Chipotle
Order pizza & sundae bar
Bring a picnic and blanket
Talent show night-subway
Breakfast-wear jammies
Toilet papering
Pumpkin carving contest
Hands only dinner
Mediterranean night
I grew up with people.  We had friends over just to eat popcorn and drink water but it was great fun!  We are coming back to that.....friends sharing life together and calling it a party!

Excitement can make you barf

 "I feel like I could throw up."  Whenever Ellia has that excited feeling welling up in her tummy she says that. Do you remember feeling it as a child?  I do.  I remember driving to my Mammaw and Pappaw's house on Christmas Eve feeling like I could barf from the oozing excitement.  The lights, the anticipation of eggnog, presents, reading the Bible together, standing around the organ and singing, performing Christmas shows with my cousins, and the list goes on.   This has been a month of much anticipation and memory building. 
 Each evening in December we hide a red envelope in our living room.  The envelope holds 5 pieces of small candy for the 5 little darlings in our home. 
 One of the older children reads a few sentences from the Christmas story taken from the book of Luke. 
There is also a slip of paper in the envelope that gives a family activity for the evening.  Our desire is to enjoy family time, build memories, reflect on redemption, love on those around us, and have fun.
Mr. Hotsie has been caught doing this during our family time.  His snoring helps us keep the beat to Chrismas carols, we are thankful.
On December 1st our children are asked to find a long nail hidden on our Christmas tree.  We sit and discuss that Jesus was born.  He died for us.  His grace can flow deep into our hearts and lives.  Christmas in our home is about a Savior that resucued us because we need rescued.  We celebrate that our family is a gift.  Our time together is a treasure.
These activites are fun and we laugh together. 
1.  Make Gingerbread Houses
2.  Make Countdown to Christmas paper chains
3.  Make red and green playdough to play with together
4.  Friday night popcorn and Christmas movie
5.  Friday night popcorn and Christmas movie
6.  Friday night popcorn and Christmas movie
7.  Bake Cookies
8.  Deliver cookies to neighbors
9.  Make a Christmas package for a veteran or friend
10.  Make Marshmallow snowmen
11.  Make snowflakes
12.  Read a Christmas story in a blanket tent with a flashlight.
13.  Make ornaments
14.  Find toys to give away
15.  Shop for a homeless family
16.  Deliver hot cocoa to someone holding a sign on a street corner.  Talk with them, gather contact info, pray over them, hug them, visit them again.
17.  Eat candy cane ice cream and talk about favorite Christmas memories
18.  Act out the Christmas story and bring it to life with questions
19.  Sing Christmas carols and dance like fools
20.  Siblings shop for each other
21.  Drink hot cocoa and drive to see Christmas lights
22.  Make Christmas cards for a friend who needs loved
23.  Make popcorn balls or string popcorn/cranberries
24.   Break open the gingerbread houses and find a slip of paper that names a Christmas Eve prize.
25. Read the Christmas Story together and give each other gifts.

I just found this in my was supposed to be posted in December....not mid February:)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Autumn love

Changing leaves.
 Family close by.
 Hunting for autumn treasures.
 Autumn colors in nature and on kids.
 Family walks.
Nature hikes with friends.
And carmel apples, pumpkin cookies, bonfires, barn sales, pumpkin muffins, leaf crafts, garage cleaning, 70's with sunshine, honey crisp apples, hayrides, and so much more.  
I am in love with this beautiful season!
(I'm trying to savor this season and not be depressed about the long season that comes next.)